July 7, 2019

On resting…

By In LifeBalance

Learn to rest, not quit.

Busy, busy, busy. Is that how you feel? Like there’s never enough time in the day? Like there’s always just one more thing? Like resting is a luxury you could never afford to take? We live in a time where the busier you are, the more important you are. Where rest and relaxation are uncool. Where the more you suffer, the more you are respected. GUYS. Busy is not a status symbol. 

Now don’t get your hackles up. I am a former busy person. Like the busiest of the busy. So, there is no judgement here. For me personally, being busy was a shield. I used it to hide from my feelings. (It didn’t work by the way). It really came to a head when I started my business and could literally work every second if I wanted to. The busier I got the more relevant I felt and the less I had to face myself. 

I continued that way until I became so overwhelmed I wanted to quit everything. My business, my job, my life. Being that I still had bills to pay and kids to raise, quitting wasn’t really an option. So, I reevaluated. How can I continue to work, lead, parent, and maybe even love life a little? I knew I had to give up my obsession with being busy.

My solution came from my kids. When my kids are tired, overwhelmed, needing some space – they rest. They quietly go to their rooms and close the door and get away from it all. I used to do this. Before life got crazy. I would read a book, call a friend just to visit, or take a walk. I would go to bed early or take an occasional day off work just to do nothing. But that had all fallen by the wayside and I knew I needed to take it back. 

Resting did not and does not come easy. Quieting my brain from the constant noise of an ongoing to-do list is my biggest challenge. You know the one – I have a load of laundry to change, I need to send one more email, I need to order that dance costume, and it goes on and on to infinity. If you let it. What I’ve found is I could do and do and do until I’m blue in the face. Until I fall into bed at night. Until I resent everything and everyone in my life. OR. Or…

Or I could choose to take my time back. I could choose to do things I enjoy. I could choose to prioritize the people in my life and not the things. I could choose to rest when my body and mind tell me they need to recharge. I’m not talking about a week on the beach here, though that is a fantastic way to recoup. Resting for me means 10 minutes of quiet sitting on the front steps with my dog. It means setting my phone down. It means cuddling in bed at night with my daughter. It means doing a puzzle or reading an actual book or cruising on the boat. 

You don’t have to give up the hustle, you just need to get better at recharging your batteries as consistently as you recharge your laptop. When you do, you will find not only will you forget about quitting, but you’ll also be more effective. When I rest, I do everything better. I am a better mom. I am better at relationships. I am a better nurse practitioner. I am a better leader and business owner. I am a better me. Resting means I don’t give up. It means I stay consistent. It means I am more prepared and more efficient because I know I need time for me too. 

If you’re at the end of the long rope I once found myself dangling from, take a breath. There’s relief in sight. You are the only one holding yourself back and you are also the only one who can change it. You see the value already in hard work, and that doesn’t have to change. But start seeing the value in rest. When you do, you will find your true strength and capabilities you never imagined you had. 

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