September 17, 2017

On prosperity…

By In LifeBalance

Prosperity is not good fortune but a way of life.

If you would have asked me in my twenties if I saw my future self as prosperous, I would have probably looked at you like I look at my son when he is being a smart ass. Eyebrows scrunched together and a half scowl, ready to roll my eyes hard. I would’ve said, “what does that even mean, prosperous? Like rich?” Traditionally, prosperity has indicated success financially, an affluent life. Ten years ago, I would’ve used it to describe someone much older than myself. I would have pictured a stuffy old couple in their velvet robes having breakfast poolside while their butler brought them more tea. Prosperous people drink tea, right?

How things have changed! Now, not quite forty, I drink tea myself (it’s kinda amazing), I do not have a butler (sad I know), I am anything but stuffy (try super awesome), and I cannot describe my current situation as anything less than prospering. If I judged my own prosperity by financial wealth alone, I may think otherwise. I have lingering student loan debt, two mortgages, and I do not get to toss money around like there’s an endless supply. I DO get to pay my bills every month, own a cabin, splurge on a Stitch Fix every now and again, and take my family on some pretty kick ass vacations. That feels like prosperity to me. And that’s just the beginning.

When we prosper, our financial situation is only one detail. Let’s talk health and wellness for example. Number one, health is all-encompassing. I spend a lot of time talking to my patients about wellness that goes beyond physical health. Of course, anyone who has had poor physical health affect their life in any way, knows how important it is to care for our physical body. We need to prosper in this area to truly FEEL good. With that though comes prosperity in our emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and environmental arenas. We all know what it feels like to be thriving in several aspects of life, but then to be brought down by one area that seems to cloud everything else. When we are truly prospering, we are successful in all avenues, challenging I know … BUT it’s not only possible but probable when you GET IT.

Taking these facets of your life and intentionally balancing them will serve you well on your road to prosperity. Even just acknowledging an area needs more attention will bring more balance. You could be completely excelling in your career but your relationships and physical health are taking a beating because of it. Recognizing this and bringing presence to an area that has lagged, can shift the scales to bring more harmony. Balance will never equal perfection, but maintaining some symmetry in our overall multifaceted being is how we prosper.

Prosperity is not good luck. It is not luxury. It is not keeping up with the Joneses. Prosperity IS having an abundant mindset. It is giving and receiving. It is gratitude. We create our own prosperity, it is not given to us. Want to know how to prosper? Follow this guide on your prosperous journey:

P – Passion: If your job, relationship, project, hobby, (insert ANYTHING here), doesn’t excite you or stir up intense emotions, rethink the path you are on. Is it for you? Or for someone else? Choose YOUR passion and bring it to life in all areas.

R – Redefine: Our lives are ever evolving. WE are ever evolving. Never be afraid to change, be different, or reinvent yourself as you see fit. Allow yourself a better way if you need it.

O – Overcome: When you feel defeated, persevere until you have prevailed over whatever obstacle is in your way. Remember to always keep going. Move forward, even when the steps are small and feel heavy. You are capable of amazing things.

S – Serve: In our service to others, we find our humility and grace. Never underestimate the power of giving and what it will bring back to you.

P – Purpose: In whatever you do, acknowledge the WHY and for WHO. If your why is not strong and you are not doing things for yourself and the people you love, you will get stuck saying “yes” to oodles of things with no meaning to you. Always remember your purpose.

E – Encourage: Encourage others, encourage yourself, end of story.

R – Receive: Be open to what this world has to offer you. Be open to suggestions, to help, to kind words, to people. Receiving opens you up to opportunity, to connection, and to love. Who doesn’t need more of that in their lives.

Open your arms and your heart wide to the possibility of a prosperous life. You are closer to it than you think. For more on prosperity, head over to where you will find amazing women supporting women on topics such as health and wellness, life balance, and business.

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