November 12, 2017

On pivoting…

By In LifeBalance

Surrender, let go, pivot, and aim for more.

I have been doing a lot of research for my business lately and one thing that caught my eye was the topic of the pivot. I grew up playing basketball so of course that’s where my mind goes when I hear the word pivot, but this is a whole other ball game (see what I did there). Essentially in business you start by developing a strategy, but if you find yourself unsuccessful, a pivot may be in order. Many organizations have had to come up with a plan B to obtain customers, maximize profits, and experience growth. My guess is having to shift an entire business plan is no easy decision for an entrepreneur. Choices like this mean admitting you may have been wrong or even have failed. But what happens to a business if things aren’t moving in the right direction and no one has the guts to pivot? Everyone goes home and looks for a new job that’s what happens.

Since I relate a lot of things I read to myself, I began thinking about how I have used a pivot strategy in my own life. Not that I set out with a specific business plan, but I hit my twenties and had a strategy. Most of us do. Get a job, buy a house, start to act like an adult, meet somebody (or stay attached to your high school sweetheart), get married, have kids, or maybe a dog, hopefully advance in your career, have a little fun along the way, and ride out your days until the kids leave the house and you retire. This approach went well for a bit, until I realized I was having ZERO fun, in fact I was having the opposite of fun, and I was miserable. My pivot at this point was not an about-face. In fact, it was a slow tippy toe. There was trial and error, and more error. When my slow pirouette was complete, I realized I had indeed pivoted and it was the single most impactful decision I have made in my life to date.

There are many times in our life we need to choose to pivot. Maybe you are in a job that is holding you back, maybe you have a toxic person in your life, or maybe you just need a mindset shift. It took me a long time to admit to myself my entire world needed a pivot that included more than just one small aspect of my life. My pivot involved a new job, a new career really, removing a very toxic relationship from my life, well several, and a mindset overhaul that is still a work in progress. Before the baby step pivot turned into an all-out about-face, I was terrified of the potential for change. Once it became a reality, I remember thinking to myself, “well you just did that, you survived it, and YOU ARE A BADASS!” The scary shift was in fact liberating, and once I made the first steps I quickly noticed it wasn’t all that scary!

What is it in your life you need to pivot from? Is it a situation? A person? My guess is, when you started reading this, your brain instinctively told you where your pivot strategy for life should start. Our lives, just like a business, evolve. Don’t be ashamed that life has taken a path you didn’t expect! Simply look at how you can pivot and transition to a space where you are maximizing your own growth and experience. Surrender to the fact that you need a change. Let go of the current space that is holding you back. Pivot. And aim for more. Let the rest of your life start as soon as possible, because it’s about to be incredible!

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