March 10, 2019

On opinions…

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Remember, the people with the biggest opinions usually have the least knowledge. 

You’re nodding your head “yes” aren’t you!? Or you are thinking of someone you know who is always the first to go on and on about their opinion of something that you are quite certain they know little about. We all know those people. We have also all let these people influence us and our decisions. It’s hard not to when it’s so ingrained in us to be a part of the herd. We want to please and fit in, and when someone has a big opinion about us our instinct is to fall in line. 

Last year, I decided my nurse practitioner career was not making me happy as it once did. I went to work begrudgingly and didn’t enjoy my days. I had many patients that needed a higher level of care than I felt comfortable giving, but didn’t have much option to send them elsewhere. I felt micromanaged and disrespected. I was second guessed by people and heard second-hand opinions about the care I was giving, which was always to the best of my ability. And I had promised myself when my business started growing that I would only continue to work as an NP if it gave me joy. 

I knew for many months that not only was there no joy, but there was frustration and resentment. It was time to focus on my business and motherhood. I put my notice in and even worked through the summer months because I knew it would be busy in the clinic and hard to find extra coverage. Another opportunity presented itself however, to work for a healthcare system I have admired for a long time and always wanted to work for. The cherry on top was that I would be starting in a brand-new clinic location minutes from home. 

I have since found my place and regained my love of healthcare and practicing medicine. I couldn’t have made a better decision for myself or my family. I have balance again with working outside the home, a business I can work anywhere, and, my most important job, being a kickass mama!

I shouldn’t be surprised there are opinions and repercussions from the place I left, and I don’t think I’m necessarily surprised, but disappointed. I am tough as nails on the outside and am cool, calm, and collected always, but I have a tender heart that bruises easily. And hearing the spiteful opinions of people I respected deeply hurts. I have gotten to a place in life where most opinions from random people on social media or from people outside of my circle, don’t affect me. It’s the ones who I have let in that hit the tender place. 

So, this week this blog is a reminder for me. It’s a reminder that even the opinions that feel hurtful are coming without the knowledge that I have. They are coming without the insight I have into what is best for me and what is best for my family. They are also coming from people with their own baggage and insecurities and judgement, not only of me but of themselves. And they don’t matter. Because my choices come from my knowledge and my heart and from following my own joy. Period.

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