May 13, 2018

On going all in…

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Go for it.

I am doing something crazy this month. It’s been awhile since I have taken a risk this big quite frankly. For some, who have risk-taking in their blood, it may not look like such a big deal. For me, I take calculated risks. This isn’t in my blood. Decisions are typically well thought out, associated with lists a mile long, and take hours of thought and preparation. Ok, in this instance I may also have lists, many of them, makes it all feel less chancy you know. They haven’t completely taken away the nausea and chest pain, but they do satisfy my need for control (even if it’s made up!).

This wasn’t exactly how my month was going to go. I was actually planning on working my business more quietly. I was going to help my team hit goals, but take a very short breather from my personal business to get through the end of the school year with the kids and cross some other things off the life list. Talk about a detour. Instead, in convincing my partner in crime in my biz to go all in, somehow, I convinced myself (gulp).

Basically, I am making a large investment, not just financially (yes that … there’s the nausea), but in time and attention. The gains are wild from a financial standpoint, but a few days into this, I am realizing the secondary benefits. I say secondary because they were unintended, but by no means are they inferior. In fact, they may be more substantial than my earnings when all is said and done.

The moment I decided to go all in with this decision was the moment my subconscious said, “I believe in you.” Now, I may appear ultra-confident, but wow has it been an uphill battle. I have not always been my biggest cheerleader. And even after hours upon hours of personal development work, I still am the hardest on myself. I still have doubts. I still fear failure. But, I leapt anyways. I believed, just for long enough to see the edge of the cliff, and fly over it anyways.

Now suspended, I have more confidence in myself than I have had in a long time in my business. Each step closer to my goal, the belief I have in my capabilities expands. Also, I have no choice but to accomplish my goal. There is no safety net. I have moments of panic (actual physical symptoms, I’m not kidding about the nausea and chest pain!). I have moments of uncertainty. But they are fleeting because the need to accomplish my goal is bigger than any negative emotion I can muster. And the why behind my goal is even more powerful than that.

The second I leapt and went all in, my mind shifted. I no longer thought, this is a real possibility for my friend (but not me). I no longer went, hmmm maybe. I didn’t think, it’s possible (but not probable). Instead the ifs became whens. The goal became a finish line. I may stumble at times, I may cry, I may swear (oops, check that off the list), and I may cross the finish line crawling, but I WILL finish. The conviction I have because my attitude shifted from if to when, is something I will take forward in every new goal I set in my life. I am seeing the power my mind and words have on my actions and it’s incredible. A new super power. A knowledge that when I go all in, I can trust that the risk is the right choice.



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