April 14, 2019

On trying…

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There is no trying, there is only doing.

I can always tell when a patient is serious about making some major lifestyle changes. Or when a teammate is ready to take efforts in their business to the next level. Or when my kids are actually going to follow through with something I asked them to do. And it’s not because of any psychic intuition I have, which based on my current record of predicting the future is zip! When someone is committed to see something through, they use specific words. Or rather they leave out one in particular. TRY.

If a patient tells me they don’t want to start medication for their cholesterol, we discuss other options – moving more and changing their eating habits. Many times their response is “I’ll try.” Not “I’ll do it,” “I got this,” “here I go.” But “I’ll try,” aka “I might make a weak attempt but if this gets hard I’m out.” It’s the same with someone looking for me to lead them to the promised land in their business, or with my daughter’s fake effort to clean her room. Trying is not doing. 

Trying is telling yourself you have an excuse to hold off on action. Trying is buying all the cookbooks to get your diet right. Trying is waiting until the perfect Monday to start your diet. Trying is avoiding the clinic appointment to recheck your cholesterol after your supposed lifestyle changes. It’s telling me you are jumping headfirst into your business, then watching every training, buying all the pretty planners, talking about all the actions you will never take … BUT never taking the hard step to talk to new people, to share your opportunity, to DO THE DO.

We use the word “try” to show an attempt at something. Trying is meant to indicate the doing with the possibility of failing. “I’m going to TRY to invent an electric source of light,” thought Thomas Edison, then he failed over TEN THOUSAND times. Do you know what he didn’t do? Try once and then quit. He continued to do, then do again. His trying WAS doing. It was an endeavor he started and saw to completion. 

We have reinvented “trying” to allow it to convey effort without execution. Take it out of your vocabulary. Imagine if your boss came to you and said, “I need you to do the very thing you have been hired to do,” and you responded with, “I’ll try.” WHAT, you’re fired. You would never say that. You would say, “I’ll get it done,” “No problem,” “That’s what I’m here for.” Stop using trying as an excuse to avoid doing. 

Change, “I will try to get that done today,” to, “I will get that done today.” Even just using different words gives you more control. And even if you are failing, doing something will lead you to success. Learning from failure is how we get to the point of accomplishment, to the point of completion. 

You and your big goals are worth more than a “try.” They are worth HUGE action. They are worth doing it over and over again. They are worth every effort, all the blood, sweat, and especially tears. YOU are worth it, stop trying and start doing.

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