November 18, 2018

On the impossible…

By In Business, Mindset

Impossible just takes a little longer.

I can do hard things. I have never been one to step back from a challenge. For me, it is a competition with just me, to prove myself to myself. In fact, there are very few things in life that I look at as a complete impossibility (ok, maybe singing like Lady Gaga, I’ll give you that one!). I know I can do anything I decide to do, just like I know the sun will come up in the morning. This knowing has nothing to do with confidence or arrogance, but the belief that small actions lead to big results.

Too many people give up right before the magic happens. They tackle something difficult and push hard until they feel the impossible. What they fail to realize is the only way through the impossible is more time. Every baby step we take leads us in the right direction. There is no great leap that lands us miraculously to possibility. Even “overnight success” stories will tell you there was nothing that happened overnight. Singers, athletes, actors, authors, speakers – they may seem to appear out of thin air, but every one of them has a story of small steps, endless practice, failures, struggles, and small victories that have led them to the other side of what looked impossible.

What if you committed to something you have always desired but deemed impossible? I have always wanted to write a book. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember, and I am reminded of that through my daughter who is following in my footsteps. When she grows up she wants to be an author. I said that once too. Before I thought it was impossible. Who would read what I have to say? How would I get published? What if I’m terrible?

Or. What if I read “Writing for Dummies?” (Yup did that). What if I take an idea and create a rough outline? (Did that too). What if I compile a list of characters and name them? Create a timeline? Research places and things? Open a Word document? And just start? (All done).

Then. What if I write three chapters and don’t touch it for a year? Do I delete the file, thinking “this is an impossible pipe dream?” Or do I pick it back up again, knowing it needs more time? (I think you know the answer by now!).

I will write my book word by word, page by page. I have momming to do, a business to run, and patients to see, but there is not a limit on my perseverance or my time. Will it still be a book if it takes a little longer? Damn right. Will it still be a book if no one ever reads it but my family and friends? You better believe it.

We ALL have what it takes inside us to do the impossible. You don’t need to be ultra-disciplined or wildly talented. You don’t have to drop everything and focus so hard you give up everything around you. What you do need is small action, day after day, and just a little more time than you think you need. THAT is how the impossible becomes (I’m)possible.

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