February 5, 2017

On dreams…

By In Business

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

At least that’s what Cinderella taught me as a little girl, and she landed in a castle with some kickass shoes! Somehow this didn’t quite translate for me, and my Prince Charming in my 20’s was a Labrador retriever. He did really know how to make a girl feel special. Nevertheless, all that time spent daydreaming for the perfect, hell even mediocre, relationship with a real-life man (my husband) didn’t pan out.

Turns out I should’ve looked beyond the fairytale and at its creator, Walt Disney. If you are looking for a little dose of inspiration look no further than this man whose dreams flopped many times before his successes made him famous. To think had he not persevered we wouldn’t have the opportunity to drop 10 G’s in a week on Minnie Mouse ears and Chewbacca masks. For real though, it’s magical, though I refuse sequined mouse ears much to my daughter’s dismay.

Let’s talk dreams. I agree with Cinderella and the heart, that’s where ours dreams begin. But how do dreams become reality? It’s certainly not as easy as a fairy godmother and a pumpkin coach. Dreams take intention. They require a purpose. More importantly they need a heavy wave of the determination wand. Our ambitions start in our heart, and it takes HEART to make them happen.

Right smack in the middle of grad school my world, which was about as stable as a moose on a high wire, came crashing to a halt. I had two semesters until graduation, and I started the fall with a pathophysiology book in one hand and the yellow pages in another. I picked a divorce attorney and a therapist and told my mom I was quitting school. My mom, the enduring supporter, told me NO which was a word I didn’t even realize she was capable of speaking. I dusted myself off, got back to cell structure and made two appointments with people I picked at random to take charge of the turmoil in my life and heart. I literally approached each week with a plan to get through one day. And I woke up and did it again and again and again. Until I graduated with honors and proved to myself that “surrender” was not in my vocabulary.

I had CHOSEN my particular dream to practice medicine because my heart had told me at a young age it would suit me. I loved working as a registered nurse but I practiced someone else’s medicine and I didn’t always agree with it. I wanted more control over the outcomes and care my patients received. Note that I said I chose my dream (see it all capped and bold up there) … YES we choose our dreams. We all have dreams we have chosen not to pursue because they felt too big or didn’t fit into our comfort zone. We listened to our head. The first step is choosing the dream. I suggest following your heart for this undertaking! Had my dream not been in my heart, it would have been incredibly easy mid breakdown to give up. A dream is a CHOICE your heart makes. Not a wish.

My dreams have not stopped with my career choice. I’ve chosen dreams for my family, my personal growth, for experiences I want to have. They all start in my heart and then my head tag teams to develop a plan. Honestly wishing isn’t even part of the equation.



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That’s how to tackle your dreams friends! Get determined to make them happen. If you need a little light along the way check out the Walt Disney quotes below to inspire you and message me at jamie@heartheadedliving.com and share your favorites!




  1. Kim February 10, 2017

    I love this…”A dream is a choice our Heart makes!” ??????So true!

  2. Tanya February 10, 2017

    ? need I say more?


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