April 7, 2019

On adapting…

By In Business, Mindset

The key to your success lies in your ability to adapt. 

When I was going through my divorce my biggest worries were always about my kids. How will they feel talking to kids at school about having divorced parents? Will they be ok going back and forth between two houses? What if we forget snow pants at the other parent’s house? What if they get on the wrong bus? Will we have two birthday parties? How will they feel about not seeing the other parent on holidays? I tortured myself with these questions for months and at times still do. 

Fast forward and my kids have hit double digits and are the coolest mini humans. I look at them in awe and wonder how, with everything they’ve gone through, they are so awesome? And I most admire how adaptable they are. They go with the flow (a feat for my son who was the most OCD toddler you have EVER met!). They adjust to changes in our schedule. They make the most of situations. They do things that make them uncomfortable. They manage living in two different houses with two parents who have very different parenting styles. They adapt. 

I’ve learned so much from them about success. I spent a great deal of my life dreading change and avoiding it at all costs. But I’ve seen what change can create. I’ve seen the opportunities and the doors change opens. And my own kids have taught me change does not have to hold me back. 

Last year my company offered a chance at a life-changing bonus. I didn’t give it a thought at first because I didn’t think it was feasible for me to obtain. One of my business partners and I started making a plan for her though, and I thought, if she can do this so can I. I told my kids I would need their support. I told them WHEN we accomplished our goal we would start planning the Hawaii vacation they have always wanted to take. We all adapted to the grind, the late nights, the limited availability for a few weeks. I saw an opportunity for success and made it happen. And last month we went to Hawaii. 

It is easier to let life stay the same. It’s easier not to take the promotion. It’s easier not to look for a more fulfilling job. It’s easier to avoid the hard conversations. It’s easier to stay away from situations that push your comfort zone. It’s easier not to change a single thing. 

But it’s also harder. It’s hard to be disappointed. It’s hard to be resentful. It’s hard when you don’t feel proud of yourself. It’s hard to regret. It’s hard not to set the example you want to set for your kids. It’s hard to feel unsuccessful. 

The last few years of my life I have had to adapt more than I ever planned on. I liked the “easy” life. I liked knowing what to expect. But then I had to choose what was harder – staying the same or choosing to grow. Through it all growing has proven to lead me to my best life, to success, to contentment I didn’t think was possible. And my kids have led the way. I’m so proud of all of us for proving that adapting is not just possible but magic. 

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